5 Things That Will Happen as a Student

Two students sat outside a University

Student life definitely has its ups and downs – one minute you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of work you have and question why you applied for uni in the first place, and the next you’ll be at a party with your friends having the time of your life. Your time as a student will shape who you are as a person and allow you to broaden your horizons. Instead of being stuck in the same place you grew up in, living the same life day by day, you’ll be thrown in at the deep end in a completely new environment with a variety of new people to get to know. Check out the list below to prepare yourself for student life and learn a bit more about some of the experiences that may be in store for you!

1. You’ll Make Friends for Life

The huge array of people you meet during your first few days at university can be overwhelming, and you’re likely to forget many people’s names during this time (which is completely understandable). Although you may be out of your comfort zone at first, you’ll eventually find the people who could come to play a huge part in your life. One of the best things about being around so many students your own age is that you’re bound to find something in common with them, and there’ll always be a group you will fit into perfectly. How exciting is it to think that the person you sit next to in your first lecture could become your future best friend?

Two students walking outside a University

2. You Will Need Time to Adjust

Moving to a new city is a daunting venture for anyone, especially if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings and don’t know anybody in the area. It may take you a few months to settle in properly and find your feet, but it can be comforting to remember that your fellow students are most likely all feeling the same way. After adjusting to your new surroundings and making friends, you’ll start to come out of your shell and grow as a person.

3. You’ll Question your Decision to go to University

Every student contemplates dropping out at some point, whether that be due to missing home or stressing about their current workload. If you’re feeling down about your situation, remember how hard you worked to get here and know that you have the capability to get through it (it also helps to think about the celebrations that will take place once your work is finished!) Your degree can open up so many opportunities for you in the future and help you take the next step in life.

4. You’ll Learn New Life Skills

Leaving home for the first time means that you’re going to have to learn how to do a lot of the things that were previously done for you (it may come as a huge shock, but your clothes will not wash themselves.) Washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, ironing… the list goes on. If you’re living in halls and surrounded by lots of people, the odds are that you’ll be able to find someone who knows how to do these tasks and can offer their assistance (if not, YouTube is always the answer!) The initial struggles will all be worth it because at the end of your university experience you will feel like a new person, and be more than ready to live on your own if you decide not to move back home.

Someone washing the dishes

5. You’ll Have an Unforgettable Experience

There’s no doubt about it, your time as a student is unforgettable and you will make amazing memories that last a lifetime. Think about it – at what other point in your life will you be surrounded by so many new people your own age with the freedom to explore a new city? If you take every opportunity that comes your way and explore the different restaurants, museums, clubs and sights your new temporary home has to offer, you will leave feeling enriched and ready to take on the world as a graduate.

You may be nervous about taking such a huge step and heading off to uni, but by the end of it you won’t want to leave. Make the most of your time by exploring every inch of the city you have moved to and going on endless amounts of adventures with your new friends. Let us know about your university experiences in the comments below!

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