Best Brunch in Liverpool

Liverpool is a great city for food lovers as pretty much any type of cuisine can be found here. Whether you want a hearty full english or a boozy bottomless brunch, there’s something for everyone. We highly recommend exploring the multitude of brunch opportunities before finishing university, as some of the restaurants here are world-class and have built up quite the reputation among the locals as the best brunch in liverpool

The Tavern Co

You cannot consider yourself a true resident of Liverpool without visiting the Tavern, a multi-award winning restaurant on Smithdown Road. Not only is it located in a bustling student spot, but the food is so good that it is spoken about all over the city. They have an array of options ranging from pancakes to bagels with a variety of toppings, but we recommend the full english, which was the winner of the nations best breakfast award in 2014 and 2015. The build your own breakfast option is perfect if you are a fussy eater, as this allows you to choose only the items you like – you can even be as picky as selecting how many pieces of bacon or how many hash browns you want! There’s nothing worse than being put off ordering an item that you would love if it didn’t include certain things, but the Tavern has eliminated the need for waste by designing your perfect breakfast. The breakfast menu is served daily from 8am until 3pm, so there’s no need to rush for brunch or wake up in the early hours of the morning to get ready (as a student, you should take every opportunity you can get for a lie in!) Why else would this be on this list if it wasn’t the best brunch in Liverpool?


A visit to Neighbourhood for their wonderfully boozy bottomless brunch is the perfect excuse to get dressed up with your friends. Whether it’s a special occasion or you just fancy a get-together, this bar is the perfect place for you. Its neon lights and bright pink decor make it one of the most instagrammable locations there is, and the tasty food and choice of either bottomless cocktails or prosecco means you will definitely get your money’s worth! Brunch is served Friday 12pm-4pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm, so you could always eat later on in the day and continue drinking into the evening. At £35 per person this is one of the pricier options, however taking into account that one cocktail on its own here is upwards of £10, it’s definitely worth visiting at least once during your time at university.

Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee is a great spot to visit when exploring Liverpool city centre as it is handily located on Dale Street, close to the world-renowned Cavern Club. If you love a classic American breakfast then this is the place for you (the pancakes are some of the best there is!) The variety of toppings they have for their pancakes and waffles is so varied that you’ll definitely discover something that you love, however if you have less of a sweet tooth, they also offer an all-day breakfast menu which includes a full english, french toast and much more. The restaurant opens 9am-5pm every day with no time restrictions on the breakfast menu, so if you crave a hearty breakfast in the late afternoon you can always try one of Moose Coffee’s classic American and Canadian dishes.


Leaf cafe has 2 great locations, Bold Street and Smithdown Road, so whether you are shopping in Liverpool One and need somewhere to replenish, or live along Smithdown and want somewhere closer to home, both are equally wonderful experiences. The beauty of Leaf is that you can either dress up for special occasions and have a more formal brunch with an array of cocktails, or dress casually and pop in for a quick snack. You’ll be spoilt for choice with this amazing menu, consisting of a huge variety of teas, cocktails, soft drinks and both light and heavy breakfast options (did we mention that the menu is award-winning?) No matter what the occasion is, you can be sure that you’ll leave here feeling satisfied with your choice of brunch.

The Florist

The Florist boasts beautiful decor and floral walls (hence the name), making it the perfect opportunity for an Instagram photo shoot with your friends before settling down for brunch. Not only will you be dining in a stunning restaurant, you will also be able to take your pick from a  variety of tasty food options, ranging from a hearty full english to sweet Nutella French toast. As well as the option of bottomless brunch for £30 per person, The Florist also offers regular brunch at just £15, so whether you are going drinking with friends or simply looking for somewhere to get a delicious meal, there is an option for everyone. The only letdown we have found here is that brunch is only served from 10am-12:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, leaving you a fairly limited time frame in comparison to many other restaurants. However, if you plan out your day accordingly it is definitely worth visiting and experiencing this delicious brunch menu at least once.

No matter what type of food you are craving, or how formal your outing is, we can guarantee there is somewhere perfect for you to have the best brunch in Liverpool. Many of the cafes and restaurants here are award-winning for good reason, and their menus offer options that are varied enough for pretty much anyone to find something they love.