Frequently Asked Questions - Deen House Student Accommodation

Our FAQ page should be able to answer most questions you have about staying at Deen House Student Accommodation Liverpool. 

Deen House is covered by CCTV and has onsite security staff, with emergency staff on call 24 hours a day. The building is fitted with a digital entry system. You should not allow people to ‘tailgate’ you when entering, that is holding the door open for people behind you.

If you would like to bring a TV, check that your room has the capacity for it first.  All TVs provided by Deen House in communal areas are covered by a TV licence however, you will need to purchase your own TV licence for the duration of your stay at Deen House.

Deen House does not have onsite parking, if you want to bring your own car to the city, you would have to source your own parking. Please note there are many parking structures minutes from Deen House.

Yes, you can specify which room you would like – from those which are still available – at the time of booking.

Yes. If you would like to arrange this please liaise with our building manager.

Yes. If your room is available we will be able to arrange this. Please contact us for more details.

No. You can gain entry to Deen House 24/7. If you are returning late at night, please be respectful of the other residents.

No, drugs are not permitted or prohibited at Deen House. Items will be confiscated. Our tenancy agreement also allows us to seize substances without the consent of the resident. Repeat offenders will be fined and risk having their accommodation terminated without refund.

No, pets are not allowed at Deen House. Please do not bring any animal of any sort. The only exception to this rule would be assistance dogs, by prior arrangement.

You will not be able to choose who you are sharing a flat with via our Online Booking system. You are free to contact us a book in person to do this. For group booking please contact us prior to the visit.

Yes. If you would like to make a group booking please speak to a member of our team today.

No. Deen House is a non-smoking building. Residence who smoke in the building will face a fine. Repeat offenders will have their contracts terminated.

No. Deen House requires all residents to be over the age of 18 when staying with us. You can book your accommodation if you are 17, but only if you will be 18 before you move in.

Yes. If your room is available we will be able to arrange this. Please contact us for more details.

It might be possible to swap or change room once you have moved in. This would be subject to availability and a room change fee would apply.

Yes. Please ensure that your accommodation is clean to avoid cleaning charges. Please find a useful cleaning checklist here:

We provide new bedding at a small charge. Please ensure you select this when booking your room. Alternatively, feel free to bring your own.

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